Terms and condition
Be kind to note certain conditions as it is of importance.

  1. Children within a certain category of educational level are eligible to participate- Primary and Secondary School level only. This is within a certain age limit. This includes Secondary school graduates waiting to gain admission into a higher institution. We have measures put in place to confirm that before a scholarship is issued.
  2. Students in higher institutions are not eligible to participate. Or students waiting on admission for over three years after their Senior Secondary Education.
  3. The participant has two months upon registration to read the book, write a review and submit it. the story can be read more than once. That way, the kid can well understand the story and be in a better place to write an articulated review.
  4. Winners will be selected and contacted directly. We want the child to write a review in his own words, the essence is to test the child’s ability to read 360 pages of a book and write a review on it. Parents can guide their children and teach them what to write and how to write. But writing for the child is not acceptable. If that is done, we will know.
  5. In any school where a teacher organizes their students to participate and one of the students emerges a winner of a scholarship, the organizer (Teacher) will be awarded N100,000 during the award ceremony in the student’s school.
  6. Upon signing up a child and paying for the book, an E-copy of the book will be sent to the registered email account. The child can start reading the soft copy immediately before the hard copy is delivered within 2-3 weeks of purchase. The child can read from a laptop, phone, iPad a printed copy of the book, and a plain sheet. Or, the child can wait for a few days before the book is delivered depending on your location.
  7. Participants in Lagos, Abuja, and PH will get their delivery in few days after purchase. Other states will take a few more days. With a reading device, the child can start reading immediately.
  8. A copy can not be shared with another student who did not go through the processes of signing up and registering as his preview submitted with no tracker number and registered email attached to it will not be acceptable.
  9. The format of how the preview should be written will be communicated via the registered email. More tips will be sent regularly so the child will know what is expected of him.
  10. It will take another two months before we start announcing the winners. Our targeted number of awards in categories of schools and winnings (this includes 5 secondary school scholarships, 15 University scholarships, 100 laptops, 100 JAMB/WAEC/NECO fees fully paid for, and many more wards.)
  11. Secondary schools’ scholarships will be 500,000 for 5 winners.
  12. University scholarships will be 1,000,000 for 15 winners
  13. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on the number of participants.
  14. Teachers/guardians are not, in any capacity, advised/encouraged to write the preview for their kids/wards. We want to read the child’s words. All the winners with outstanding previews will be video-interviewed, not to defend their ideas but to ensure a child read the book and could write a good preview. Even after being selected, a child can still lose if he can not answer simple questions about the book and about his written preview.
  15. In not more than or less than 800-1500 words.
  16. A parent/guardian buys a printed copy of the book (paperback) online for their ward/kids who will take two months to read and fully understand the book.
  17. The ward will write a comprehensive book review and or a critical analysis of the book and submit it.
  18. The best and most impressive previewers will win a scholarship to their next level of education. If the student is in primary school, he automatically wins fully paid secondary school tuition. If the winner falls in the secondary school category, university tuition will be paid.

About the competition
The Book Review Competition for Primary and secondary school students is an initiative by the author, Robert Chris, the CEO of LAGSALE GROUP and the author of #ElizabethsLove&Tears and #BuriedMemories. This competition is proudly sponsored by a few companies and individuals whose names can not be mentioned.

We are interested in finding potential leaders from readers, younger students who can construct their own idea about a story they read. Enroll your child and give him/her the chance to start his next academic level all paid for, as a reward for his passion for books. The time frame for this competition allows your child to read this book as many times as possible. It is important that the child understands the story before writing his review. Tips on what to write are shared in a link. Hopefully, this competition will create better readers.
Reach out to as many kids as possible. Both the privileged and the none. A reward that comes with the price of brain tasking, introduces a sense of responsibility and personal usability. To see 15 kids get into the university through a scholarship on the account of their ability to make to earn it.
To directly impact in a child’s life. Encouraging the younger generation to find a place in their hearts for books. Rewarding this passion to solidify this love and bring him another step closer to becoming a responsible and a potential leader through habitual reading.

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-Our drive
The idea is to encourage, inculcate and introduce the reading culture into the younger generation. This attempt rewards the passion for reading, even for those who are religious readers. Reading is an integral part of living because, obviously, READER are LEADERS, THINKERS, INVENTORS, CEOs, CREATORS… the list is very long. Aside from the scholarships and other rewards from emerging winners, this is an academic test for your child. This is the best place to know how your young child thinks; writing a preview of what he has read, which is why we encourage parents/guardians to let their child write their preview. This is an opportunity for parents, guardians, uncles, aunties, cousins, teachers, neighbors, older brothers/sisters to support their little ones in school by enrolling them in this competition. Can the child read? Does he/she have the passion for it? Can he write? Does he/she write a story sometime? The single act of enrolling this child could change his/her perception. In this competition, we are not looking for big grammar kids, highly intellectual kids, super smart kids. We want kids that can read and understand a story and interpret it in their few words. Our bigger aim is to reward these kids with a scholarship or a gift that will always remind them the need to keep reading and reading every day.

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