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Book Competition
STARTING APRIL TO AUGUST 2022. The Book Review Competition for Primary and secondary school students is an initiative by the author, Robert Chris, author of #Love&Tears, #BuriedMemories and #TheUndeserve available on Amazon
Enroll your child and give him/her the chance to start his or her next academic level all paid for, a reward for his/her passion for books.
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The Book Review Competition for Primary and secondary school students is geared towards bringing our youngsters an inch closer to books. We believe READERS are LEADERS. Bringing up a child in the culture of reading is the best way to broaden a child’s mind and set him up for greatness. We have created a path, a reward for such passion. We encourage Parents\Aunties\Teachers\Uncles\Cousins and guardians to enroll their wards to participate in this online competition. your kid will read and submit his review. the best reviewers get scholarships and other gifts such as Laptops and tuition fees. your child could be among the 50 scholarships we will be giving out. Your child doesn’t have to be super smart to join. We are not looking to read the best English. A simple review is all we want from our participants. Their connections with the book are what we hope to read. 



Reach out to as many kids as possible. Both the privileged and the none. A reward that comes with the price of brain tasking, introduce a sense of responsibility and personal usability. To see 15-30 kids get into the university through a scholarship on the account of their ability to earn it.


To directly impact in a child’s life. Encouraging the younger generation to find a place in their hearts for books. Rewarding this passion to solidify this love and bring him another step closer to becoming a responsible and a potential LEADER though a habitual READING.

-Our drive

The idea is to encourage, inculcate and introduce the reading culture into the younger generation. This attempt rewards the passion for reading, even for those who are religious readers. Reading is an integral part of living because, obviously, READERS are LEADERS, THINKERS, INVENTORS, CEOs, CREATORS… the list is very long. Aside from the scholarships and other rewards from emerging winners, this is an academic test for your child. This is the best place to know how your young child thinks; writing a preview of what he has read, which is why we encourage parents/guardians to let their child write their review. This is an opportunity for parents, guardians, uncles, aunties, cousins, teachers, neighbors, older brothers/sisters to support their little ones in school by enrolling them on this competition.

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About The Author/Founder

Robert Chris is a graduate of Economics and a hardworking entrepreneur. Chris is a poet, a songwriter, a scriptwriter and an content writer. His love for his heroine mother, Elizabeth, awoken his passion for writing. His first book is his mother’s story and he want her remembered for the kind mother she was, and for all the sacrifices she made for all her children and family. He is dedicating all his books to helping a person out there with the passion for the reading culture. Robert is a promoter of the reading culture and all of his books will be written so that somebody, somewhere will be uplifted by it. The initiative of the book review competition is a step towards building a generation of READERS. “Implanting the habit of reading in A child is what i am all about, and this is very important in building a child’s mind into becoming a better person tomorrow.” – Robert.


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